Classes for Your Counselors

To get the best results from The System University, it is important to take the courses on a consistent basis. As a manager, it will be your responsibility to make sure that your counselors are completing their required courses on time. Listed below is a suggested schedule that counselors should follow so that they complete their degree from The System University. Please let your counselors know what courses they will be responsible for completing each week. Click on the course name for a summary of each course.
Course IDCourse NameSubjectInstructorRoom Number
Week 1Park Roaming and ASSAY ProgramService MarketingAliceOnline
Week 2Office InquiriesService MarketingAliceOnline
Week 3The Power of the Personal Goal PlannerGoal SettingCindyOnline
Week 44-3-2-1, The Perfect 10, 3+2=My Favorite 5ProspectingGregOnline
Week 5Deed or Certificate DeliveryProspectingGregOnline
Week 6Project Update & Completion ProgramProspectingCindyOnline
Week 7On-Site MarketingProspectingGregOnline
Week 8ReferralsProspectingGregOnline
Week 9The Closing ProcessClosingJanOnline
Week 10The Value of MemorializationMemorializationDavid ShipperOnline
Week 11Creating a Meaningful MemorialMemorializationDavid ShipperOnline
Week 12Presenting the Personal Planning OrganizerPresentationsJill GafnerOnline
Week 13Important Cemetery DecisionsPresentationsJill GafnerOnline
Week 14The Pre-Need PresentationPresentationsGary O’SullivanOnline
Week 15CasketsProduct KnowledgeMarciaOnline
Week 16UrnsProduct KnowledgeMarciaOnline

Download a PDF of The System Universitys official Training Schedule! This free download includes everything you need for the first 20 Days of Training. It’s a clickable PDF, so you can click on any of the courses, products or other materials referenced to go directly to them for easy access.

At the end of this 20 days of initial training, it is not the end of your training; only the beginning. We believe that you learn the fundamentals initially and that you develop yourself perpetually.

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