Counselor Fast Start Series

What It Is: Information to educate, motivate, direct, and coach your counselors to guaranteed success. The Counselor Fast Start Series includes simplified versions of material drawn from the Manager Success Series’ modules and features 5 separate modules on prospecting.

Each prospecting module in The System covers a different method of prospecting, and includes scripts as well as answers to the most frequent objections. The other 8 modules teach specific sales skills.

The Counselor Fast Start Series Includes:

  • The Power of the Personal Goal Planner
  • Prospecting – Making the Appointment with the Personal Planning Organizer, the Living Will Kit, and the Heritage Certificate
  • Prospecting 4321, The Perfect 10, and 3 + 2 My Favorite 5
  • Prospecting Deed Or Certificate Delivery
  • Prospecting OnSite Marketing
  • Prospecting Referrals
  • Service Marketing Office Inquires
  • Service Marketing Park Roaming and Assay Program
  • Service Marketing Family Service
  • The Closing Process
  • Managing Objections
  • Methods of Managing Objections
  • Creating Meaningful Memorialization