Online Pre-Need Class Descriptions

To learn the content of each classes, click on the links below for Counselor Online Pre-Need Class Descriptions. To get the best results from The System University, it is important to take each classes and the associated quizzes. Once you have taken a course, it is essential to review each class periodically so you are consistently improving your skills. Below are available classes for counselors that will help you to achieve success in pre-need sales. Click on the course name below to read a description of the course, which includes links to classes and textbooks.
Course ID Course Name Subject Instructor Room Number
01 Park Roaming Service Marketing Alice Online
02 Office Inquiries Service Marketing Alice Online
03 The Power of the Personal Goal Planner Goal Setting Cindy Online
04 4-3-2-1, The Perfect 10, 3+2=My Favorite 5 Prospecting Greg Online
05 Deed or Certificate Delivery Prospecting Greg Online
06 Project Update & Completion Program Prospecting Cindy Online
07 On-Site Marketing Prospecting Greg Online
08 Referrals Prospecting Greg Online
09 The Closing Process Closing Jan Online
10 The Value of Memorialization Memorialization David Shipper Online
11 Creating a Meaningful Memorial Memorialization David Shipper Online
12 Presenting the Personal Planning Organizer Presentations Jill Gafner Online
13 Important Cemetery Decisions Presentations Jill Gafner Online
14 The Pre-Need Presentation Presentations Gary O’Sullivan Online
15 Caskets Product Knowledge Marcia Online
16 Urns Product Knowledge Marcia Online