LeadTrak Funeral & Cemetery CRM

$59/Month. Click Join Now to enroll.

LeadTrak Funeral and Cemetery CRM is customized for the industry. Monitor selling activities and store leads in one central location with a web-based CRM that allows you to capture and monitor:

  • Leads
  • Web inquiries
  • Family Service Opportunities
  • Owner Upgrades
  • Call Lists
  • Service Requests

And much more! The Lead database is secure and can be reworked for years to come. Sales Managers can monitor activity levels for each counselor and for their team and your counselors more become more organized, more efficient, and more professional. What’s more it costs considerably less than other Customer Relationship Management systems that aren’t even customized to our industry.

$39/Month. Click Join Now to enroll.

Features Include:

  • Click to call feature makes prospecting easier
  • Call scripts with answers to objections help counselor’s sound more professional and set more appointments
  • Exclusive mapping functions groups leads geographically, making follow up more efficient
  • Counselors are reminded about all upcoming appointments, tasks, and newly assigned leads
  • LeadTrak is available on any PC or Mac computer
  • Android and Apple (IOS) apps run LeadTrak on smartphone or tablet
  • Users can see only their own records
  • Managers can see his or her team’s records
  • Security protocols prohibit users from exporting or deleting records unless authorized to do so
  • Leadtrak is hosted by Epicom, the leader in SugarCRM hosting
  • Contains more than 30 professionally written messages  that can be sent in letter form or emailed


  • Appointments are kept and consumer’s receive follow up phone calls when promised
  • Counselors see the prospect’s history in the lead record which make conversations more targeted and more personal
  • Professionally written letters and emails makes communication more courteous and professional
  • Upgrades of lot owners are managed more professionally, and original lot owner records are not put at risk
  • LeadTrak identifies potentially duplicate lead as that second lead is being entered into the system. All parties—including the sales manager—are immediately notified

Managers: Get both and SAVE. Sign up for TSU and LeadTrak together for $89/month for Managers for a powerful Pre-Need Sales Program.

Counselors: Get both and SAVE. Sign up for TSU and LeadTrak together for $59/month for Counselors and never miss a sales opportunity again.