Meeting With The Family Series

What It Is: The perfect companion to our Prospecting and Customer Services Premiums, our Meeting with the Family Series provides step-by-step pictorial guided scripts for presenting each premium, explaining exactly what the counselor should say to the family for each section of our four-page presentation, and each page of both the Personal Planning Organizer and the Living Will Kit.
The Meeting With The Family Series includes:

  • The Pre-Need Presentation, which guides your counselors through our revolutionary, beautifully designed four-page Pre-Need Presentation brochure. You’ll receive the brochure plus a DVD featuring Gary O’Sullivan explaining the presentation and how to deliver it effectively.
  • The Personal Planning Organizer Presentation shows your counselors step-by-step how to present this premium and includes the Organizer and the script.
  • The Living Will Kit Script, which includes the Living Will Kit and a DVD by Gary describing the kit, its features and how to present it to the family.