Park Roaming

classparkroamCLASS: After a brief video introduction from David Shipper, counselors will be guided through an interactive course that will teach them about Park Roaming and using the ASSAY method to approach and engage visitors. Once the module is complete, counselors will be quizzed over the material. The quiz is comprised of 10-15 multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank style questions. Counselors will have 10 minutes to complete the quiz and are required to score at least an 85% to pass the course. The quiz may be retaken by simply clicking the “Retry Quiz” button on the quiz results slide. Go to class.

SUMMARY: Park Roaming is a Service Marketing course in the Counselor Fast Start Series. In this course, counselors will learn how to approach visitors that come to the cemetery and how to engage them in conversation.

Park Roaming

TEXTBOOK: In the “Counselor Library” section of this website, counselors will find a supplementary “Park Roaming” FlipBook. The FlipBook contains the same information as the module, but serves as an additional learning resource. Go to book.

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Another learning resource for this module is the flashcard set. Flashcards are helpful for memorizing scripts and speaking points. Ask your manager for your set of flashcards.