12 Months of Sales Meetings

Welcome to The System’s 12 Months of Sales Meetings. It’s our hope that you will find this to be a helpful resource for many years to come.

Contained in this program, you will find we have addressed the fundamentals of the sales process, from setting goals to closing the sale. We also address two key attitudes that are critical in a salesperson’s journey: failure and success. You will also find over 100 quotes that will help drive and reinforce the skills that are addressed in each module.

We know, as a sales manager, you will have additional ideas and “how to skills” you will want to add to these outlines. Our goal is to give you information and ideas to stimulate your thought process and to provide you with the foundational concepts you need to help you create the sales training portions of your sales meetings.

There is nothing new under the sun. One of the many roles of the sales managers is be able to offer a fresh approach to familiar topics. Keeping your staff motivated and executing the basics is a never ending task. We trust you will find the ideas contained herein help you in your quest to do just that.

Helping you and your team Sell with The System,

David Shipper and Gary O’Sullivan