Pre-Need Super Store

Introducing a Pre-Need Training Solution that is
Consistent, Predictable, and Repeatable

When a salesperson is selling we don't really know what they are saying. Commission salespeople are independent and don't like accountability. Most don't have access to professional sales materials both for internally and outside the organization, or proven scripts for every prospecting and selling situation. What's needed is a consistent training program across all platforms.

The System University has all this and more. When you and your counselors enroll in TSU, Counselors are assigned to industry-specific sales training curriculum that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Every counselor is being trained the same way every time, consistently. Sales Managers can monitor classroom activity and quiz scores for each counselor and for their team, which allows you to take action and work more specifically on a certain topic.

To learn how The System University can help your sales stay on track and to enroll, click here.