Counselor Online Classes

Counselor Online Classes

The System University’s online classes for sales counselors provide the knowledge needed to succeed in the pre-need funeral and cemetery business. Many of the videos pair with ebooks in the Counselor Library. Click the Go To Class button to view each video class. You’ll be asked to provide the username and password you were given when you enrolled. If you can’t remember them, email us at For your convenience, you can access the ebook associated with each video by clicking on the Go to Book button. Go to the Counselor Online Library to see all the Counselor books.

Personal Planning Organizer - Part 1

MEETING WITH THE FAMILY VIDEO: Gary O’Sullivan gives an overview of the Personal Planning Organizer. It pairs with the Personal Planning Organizer.

Personal Planning Organizer - Part 2

MEETING WITH THE FAMILY VIDEO: Gary O’Sullivan role plays giving the Personal Planning Organizer presentation to a family.  It pairs with the Personal Planning Organizer script book.

4-3-2-1 Concept

PROSPECTING VIDEO: Learn the 4-3-2-1 concept and how to identify which prospecting methods work and how many to use each day—pairs with the 4-3-2-1 Counselor book.

Living Will Presentation

MEETING WITH THE FAMILY VIDEO: Learn how to present the Living Will Kit to a family. Pairs with the Living Will Kit and Living Will Kit Script.

Park Roaming

SERVICE MARKETING VIDEO: Learn how to approach visitors who come to the cemetery using the ASSAY method. Pairs with the Park Roaming Counselor book.

Project Update & Completion Program

PROSPECTING VIDEO: Why you should keep client files up to date and the benefits of presenting clients with new services. Pairs with the Project Update & Completion Program Counselor book.

On-Site Marketing

PROSPECTING VIDEO: Whether running errands, standing in line at the grocery store, pumping gas, or waiting to order food, learn how to turn these moments into opportunities. Pairs with On-Site Marketing Counselor book.

Deed or Certificate Delivery

PROSPECTING VIDEO: Learn how to handle and deliver cemetery deeds and certificates properly. Pairs with Deed or Certificate Counselor book.

Pre-Need Presentation

MEETING WITH THE FAMILY VIDEO:  Counselors will learn how to interact with a family and explain the importance of planning in advance of need. Pairs with the 4-Page Presentation and the Pre-Need Presentation script book.


PROSPECTING VIDEO: The most reliable form of prospecting is referrals. Learn when you should ask and how to make asking for referrals a habit. Pairs with Referrals Counselor book.

Closing Process

CLOSING PROCESS VIDEO: Understand different closing techniques and why closing is a process that occurs throughout the presentation, not just at the end—pairs with the Closing Process Counselor book.

Office Inquiries

SERVICE MARKETING VIDEO: What do you do when a visitor comes to the office asking about flowers or how to find the grave of a loved one? Here’s how you can take the opportunity to turn service into sales. Pairs with Office Inquiries Counselor book.

The Value of Memorialization

VIDEO: Learn why memorialization is essential, where it began, and how to help your families create something meaningful—pairs with Creating Meaningful Memorialization Counselor book.

Creating Meaningful Memorials

VIDEO: Learn how to create a memorial that is meaningful to the families you serve, including creating a memorable memorial in bronze. Pairs with Creating Meaningful Memorials in Bronze and Creating Meaningful Memorials Counselor books.

Important Cemetery Decisions

VIDEO: How to go over this simple pre-need worksheet with your families to show the cost of cemetery products and services for today and in the future. Provides a powerful comparison between the cost of earth burial and mausoleum entombment. Pairs with Price Comparison Worksheet.

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Caskets & Urns

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE VIDEO: The basics of casket construction, design, and personalization. Pairs with Caskets & Urns Counselor book.

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Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Terms

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE VIDEO: A basic overview of cemetery, cremation, and funeral terms. Pairs with Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Terms Counselor book.

Outer Burial Containers

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE VIDEO:  A basic guide to outer burial containers and the different types of material they are made of. Pairs with Outer Burial Containers Counselor book.