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Manager Online Library

Welcome to the Manager Online Library. As a manager, you also have access to the books in the Counselor Library.

To begin, download our password-free “20-Day Training Guide” below, a blueprint for your first 20 days of training. To access the rest of the content in the library, click the “Go to Book” link below each title to start reading. You will need to enter a password to view this content.  Forgot password?  Email

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20-Day Training Guide

A complete step-by-step training schedule for the first 20 days. In the initial 20 days of training, counselors will be exposed to the most critical elements they need to learn to succeed in the profession. 24 pages.

Managing for Success

MANAGING FOR SUCCESS: Why you should stop thinking like a salesperson to lead your team effectively. Includes eight things effective sales managers always do, plus the one thing you must get right before you do anything else. 32 pages.

Recruiting & Hiring

MANAGING FOR SUCCESS: What you should and shouldn’t ask. Learn if a candidate will prospect and what behaviors predict success. COMING SOON.


The Secret Number

MANAGING FOR SUCCESS: Why focusing on volume is not the answer, but learning your Secret Number is. You’ll learn how to find the Secret Number for each of your counselors, use it to set appointments, drive sales and manage activity and outcomes. 15 pages.

The Daily Drill Down

MANAGING FOR SUCCESS: Discover the six elements of the Daily Drill Down, whether you have one location or a hundred.  A brief, real-time daily review of each counselor’s prospecting hours, appointments, presentations, and the number of sales in a way that drives accountability. 32 pages.

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Family Service

MANAGER EDITION. The Family Service Program brings the family high satisfaction and value when correctly implemented. The role of the family service counselor requires both selling and service skills. Understand the three phases of the Family Service role. 32 pages.


MANAGER EDITION: A more detailed explanation of The System’s philosophy of service selling and various closing processes. Designed for managers to provide insight to counselors. 34 pages.

Creating Meaningful Memorialization

MANAGER EDITION: An in-depth understanding of helping families create meaningful memorialization, including the psychology of the at-need selling process. 29 pages.

Managing Objections

MANAGER EDITION: How to manage objections during the presentation and the closing process. Learn the six steps to managing objections and 10 reasons why asking questions will help you sell more. 54 pages.


MANAGER EDITION: Nothing else matters if you don’t have people to see. How to create a sales cycle and prospecting timelines for your counselors. Learn 10 principles for effective prospecting, the six elements of a prospecting script, and phone techniques that work. 44 pages.


MANAGER EDITION:  Why a referral is a prospecting method. What referrals are and what they are not.  The five principles for consistently obtaining referrals and four approaches for contacting a referral. 13 pages.

Special Opportunity Days

MANAGING FOR SUCCESS: How to attract many visitors to your location and choreograph your customers’ visits to showcase what you want them to see. Learn which incentives and giveaways work best and generate leads. Think outside the box to create a unique event. 13 pages.

Continuing Your Professional Development

Initially, we learn. But to grow, we need to develop perpetually. As a manager, you know your counselors the best. Based on their needs and what is happening at your facility, use this guide — intended for use after the 20 days — to continue to help your organization succeed.  4 pages.