CRM for Funeral Homes & Cemeteries

CRM for Funeral Homes & Cemeteries

If You Aren't Tracking Your Leads, Who Is?

LeadTrak features include call lists, appointment reminders, pop-up scripts with objections, pre-written emails and letters, family service opportunities, service requests and:

Cloud-based for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone & Tablets

  • Contemporary, easy-to-navigate design with a simple Menu bar

  • Quickly create any record without leaving the Home screen

  • Set reminders with the alert feature. For example, link the alert to a lead if you want to revisit the lead in 30 days.

  • Easily see what appointments, callbacks, or tasks you have each day

  • Powerful Global Search feature. For instance, if you have used the phrase “private mausoleum” in a Description field but can’t remember the lead’s name, Global Search will find it.

  • Stay in the lead when you make an appointment or a callback from a lead record.

  • Designate a lead as a “Favorite” and view all favorites anytime.

  • The Description fields can handle up to 500 words.

  • In Owners List View, see what your purchaser bought, the purchase price, and what they still need to complete arrangements…all without going into each Owner record.

  • “Days Since Last Updated” allows you to quickly sort to find leads that haven’t been worked on in a long time (or vice-versa).

Easily import leads from other databases

  • Automatically populates the Deceased and Next-of-Kin names when a lead is converted to an Owner.

  • When a Lead is converted to an Owner, the spouse or significant other automatically becomes the co-purchaser in the owner record.

  • The description you enter in the Lead record will automatically transfer to the Owner record and the Family Service record when you convert a lead to either category.

  • Any files you attach to a lead record that you then convert to an Owner or Family Service will transfer to the Owner or Family Service record.

  • Show whether the prospect is a veteran, which is useful for finding a list of prospects to invite to a Memorial Day service, for example.

  • Customize column headers to see the information that’s most important to you.

  • Customized for the funeral and cemetery industry.

  • Affordable for individuals and companies. Contact us for pricing today by clicking here.

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